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Son Of Sam: Gov. Cuomo Enables The Happiness Of David Berkowitz

by Chris Chichester on 12/15/17

David Berkowitz killed six and wounded seven between July 29, 1976 and July 31, 1977 with a .44 Charter Arms Bulldog.  He is serving six consecutive 25-years-to-life sentences at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Wallkill. He is a blood-drenched serial killer unrivaled in New York.  He is the pathetic concoction: Son of Sam.
His victims:

* On July 29, 1976 Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti sit in a car in Pelham Bay, Bronx. Lauria is killed.  Valenti survives.

* On October 23, 1976 Carl Denaro and Rosemary Keenan sit in a car in Flushing, Queens. Both survive.  Denaro enlisted in the Air Force.  Instead, a metal plate is placed in his head.

* On November 27, 1976 Donna DeMasi and Joanne Lomino sit on the porch at Lomino's home in Bellerose, Queens. DeMasi survives.  Lomino is a paraplegic.

* On June 25, 1977 Judy Placido and Salvatore Lupo sit in a car in Bayside, Queens.  Both survive.

* On January 30, 1977 Christine Freund and John Diel sit in a car in Forest Hills, Queens. Freund is killed. Diel is injured.

* On March 8, 1977 Columbia University Virginia Voskerichian is killed in Forest Hills, Queens.

* On April 17, 1977 Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani sit in a car in Pelham Bay, Bronx. Both are killed.

* On July 31, 1977. Robert Violante and Stacey Moskowitz sit in a car in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Moskowitz is killed.   Violante requires a glass eye.
Berkowitz cultivated his anonymous depravity.  He wrote letters to the police -- and to his favorite columnist: Jimmy Breslin of the Daily News. He signed one: "In their blood and From the Gutter." Breslin, ludicrously, responded: "The only way for the killer to leave this special torment is to give himself up to me, if he trusts me, to the police, and receive both help and safety."
Operation Omega is created to apprehend Berkowitz.  It is 200+ personnel from the New York City Police Department. For one New Yorker.  For one 24-year-old postal service employee bizarrely claiming the dog owned by his neighbor Sam Carr commanded him to kill.  For one New Yorker responsible for the transformation of New York City into five boroughs of paranoid confinement.

When Berkowitz is arrested on August 10, 1977 he confessed to planning a mass murder with a machine gun at Club Marakesh in Westhampton. He explained "to go down in a blaze of glory" and "kill many people." This massacre is prevented because Berkowitz parked in Gravesend, Brooklyn on July 31. His Ford Galaxie is ticketed. Investigators: Why is a Yonkers postal service employee parked 25 miles from his residence at 2:30 a.m. the night of a murder?
Detective Joseph Coffey interrogated Berkowitz: "It was like talking to a head of lettuce in the supermarket. He never blinked his eyes. He had a constant smile on his face, and he talked about killing people like we have a cocktail."

The convicted murderer in a maximum security prison forfeits First Amendment rights.  The freedom to communicate is eliminated.  He is not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.  He is not connected to the Internet.  There is no access to an iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Bluetooth or Skype.  There is no subscription to HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or The NFL Ticket.  There is no deliverance to YouTube narcissism.
Except if you are New York's most famous serial killer.  Son of Sam is online at www.AriseandShine.org:

"The Official Website of David Berkowitz"

He proclaims: "I was once a prisoner but now I'm free." His "testimony" is offered in eight languages. It features: "Advice to Parents and Teens," "A Letter To A Satanist," "School Projects," "Insights and Miscellaneous" and "Inspirational Testimonies."
The categories at the top of the site: WELCOME, MY APOLOGY, TESTIMONY, ARE YOU READY?, MY LIFE STORY, VIDEOS, MORE. It is "Proudly Powered By Weebly."
Berkowitz writes:

"Dear Friend,
"The purpose of this page is to help you understand that no matter who you are, what you have done or where you are today (see my testimony) the God of Heaven and Earth loves you dearly."
On his site a smiling Berkowitz holds a bible.  The language:



"DAVID BERKOWITZ SHARES HIS LIFE STORY for the FIRST TIME in an INTERVIEW called 'David Berkowitz: In His Own Words.'"

The site features Berkowitz in nine absurd videos wearing his green prison jumpsuit:
* Forgiven For Life
* Son of Sam Meets Holy Spirit
* Suffolk Prayer Breakfast
* Boundless Mercy
* Son of Sam / Son of Hope
* Inside Edition
* Larry King Live
* Interview with Andy Anderson
* Interview for Yunlin Youth Home in Taiwan
The site's translations are in French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  It includes this language: "David writes more about his regret in his journal entry for July, 2007. See 'David's Broken Life." The people of Paris can now understand Son of Sam.


"David is currently hospitalized. Prayers are appreciated."

How did Berkowitz manipulate our Department of Correctional Services with an appalling online presence?  Is Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci in control of our prisons? Why is Berkowitz presented with the opportunity to explain and relive his despicable behavior? Is his debauched freedom with the knowledge of Governor Andrew Cuomo?

his disgusting promotion of Berkowitz is online despite the Son of Sam law. It is written to prevent the commercial exploitation of crimes. It is our state law to deter the infamous criminal from becoming the enriched criminal.  Son of Sam breaches the Son of Sam law. 
Berkowitz must exist in the solitary confinement SHU 23-hours-per-day. He deserves meals served at his cell.  He deserves no visitation rights.  He deserves no commissary. He deserves no access to education.  He deserves a total isolation. He deserves to suffer. Forever.

The Berkowitz profile "The Devil in David Berkowitz" by Steve Fishman in New York on September 18, 2006 quotes Berkowitz extensively:
"People were rooting for me."

"I'm Heaven-bound and shouting victory."

"I realized God had forgiven me."

"I know that God loves me. Really loves me."

"God is calling me to be a prophetic voice to this nation."

In his narcissistic, delusional universe the victims remain irrelevant.  The devastation for the surviving family members is indiscernible. He believes God loves him despite the permanence of death he exacted upon innocent human beings. It's ludicrous.
Governor Andrew Cuomo presides over a Department of Correctional Services that houses Son of Sam with an affection he can receive at the Hilton Albany. The most powerful individual in New York must remove the most famous mass murderer in New York from his online celebration. He must send a team of investigators to Shawangunk Correctional Facility to determine the facts and circumstances.  He must fire the superintendent. And in the aftermath of the 2015 escape from Clinton Correctional Facility by Richard Matt and David Sweat he must apologize to New Yorkers for enabling the happiness of David Berkowitz.


Freedom Lies In Being Bold -- Robert Frost

On The Abuse Of Police Power In Penfield, New York

by Chris Chichester on 12/13/17

The Honorable Eric T. Schneiderman
Rochester Regional Office
RE: Consumer Frauds and Complaints
144 Exchange Boulevard
Rochester, New York  14614

Mr. Attorney General,

My name is Chris Chichester. I live at 26 Sanders Farm Drive in Penfield, New York.  This communication details the appalling abuse of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office by Eliot Roth.  Mr. Roth is the president of Consumer Insights at: 2025 Penfield Road, Suite C, Penfield, New York 14526.

For five years I have walked my shih tzu along a tree-lined corridor next to my house.  For 3.000+ trips. This property travels approximately 50 yards. A parking lot separates my house from Consumer Insights.  

The daily reality for how my dog defecates and urinates on my land is a fact that must never command the fascination of Mr. Roth or his employees. This is a routine daily event.  I, however, now understand I am surrounded by individuals requiring immediate intervention from a professional armed with medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exposure. 

On Monday December 11 I walked my dog. Approximately thirty minutes later a Monroe County sheriff's deputy knocked on my door.  He asked me a series of questions about the care of my dog.  I was in a state of Nineteen Eighty-Four confusion and disbelief as the questions progressed.   I asked the sheriff's deputy the reason for this interrogation. He informed me of a complaint from the business next to my house: Consumer Insights.

That Monday night I knocked on the door for Consumer Insights.  One employee is working.  I told him I wanted to speak to the owner or chief executive of the business. I told this employee I was visited by a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy. I further told him I wanted the owner to clearly understand that I walk my dog on my property.  This employee did not identify himself.  It is Mr. Roth.  He cravenly refused to identify himself as the president of the business despite my clear and concise language.

Today I entered the business at Consumer Insights to clarify to the appropriate individual the fact that I walk my dog on my property.   As I stood near the entrance Mr. Roth was in a meeting with three or four employees.  He immediately approached me and his pathetic demeanor is hysterical. He ordered me to leave Consumer Insights. This is the moment  I discovered: He is the president of Consumer insights. Why did he fail to identify himself as such the previous night? Why did he decide to wallow in craven anonymity? Why did he deceive me?  It is a gratuitous confrontation.   I was in this business for approximately  one minute.

Thirty minutes later two Monroe County Sheriff's deputies are at my front door.  Again. Because Mr. Roth believes our sheriff's office is his personal security detail.  Mr. Roth believes the sheriff's office exists for his disgusting manipulation.  Mr. Roth believes his delusional self-aggrandizement  takes precedence over murderers, rapists and other violent degenerates in our Empire State.   Mr. Roth believes the proper method for resolving a dispute is not courteous communication or conversation.  It is to pick up the phone and deploy a sworn officer of the law to your home.  I am not in violation of a law. Or statute. Or ordinance. Or rule. Or proclamation. Ever. 

am now the focus of attention for law enforcement in living a normal life.  I have never been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime.  I believe in the law and the propagation of a civil society.  Yet today I confront a ludicrous reality where the likes of Eliot Roth refuses to participate in a civil society defined by decency, honesty and character.  He perfectly embodies the refusal of the contemptible  human being to comprehend what James Q. Wilson described as: "The universality of rules of etiquette probably reflects their value as a way of signaling the existence of self control."

Eliot Roth has no self-control.  He is a disgraceful embodiment of the collapse of civility in American life. No American requires "consumer insights" from this character.  His ludicrous e-mail:

we or our security cameras catch you on our property at any time, we will have you arrested for trespassing.  Since you have already been warned the next visit will result in arrest."

adopted my dog from Lollypop Farm Humane Society in 2011.  After a thorough interview about my experience and employment history.  I wanted a dog nobody wanted.  On that day I did not know the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is empowered to descend on my house like I'm a criminal mastermind of Penfield by the lunatic fringe represented by Eliot Roth of Consumer Insights. Mr. Roth is a liar trafficking in the abuse of the police power.  He deserves the attention of your consumer frauds and complaints bureau.

I am reached at 585-678-9291.

Chris Chichester
Proprietor: Excelsior Page
Founder: Empire Page
Penfield, New York

I Think I Love You

by Chris Chichester on 11/24/17

I'm Thinking And Right In The Middle Of A Good Dream

It's the brilliance of your face. It's the beautiful rhythm of your speech.  It's the radiance of your eyes.  It's the undeniable fact that you are finally here.  

Like All At Once I Wake Up From Something That Keeps Knocking At My Brain 

Those three words are always present.  Those three words are in my mind now that we are together.  Those three words are the joy of life.  With you. 

Before I Go Insane I Hold My Pillow To My Head

My pillow is a destination for those thoughts that sustain the devotion to you.  Every night.  Every time I hold your hand during those final moments before sleep arrives.  It is the unrivaled daily feeling that confirms commitment and happiness. 

And Spring Up In My Bed Screaming Out The Words I Dread

Dread. For the thought about screaming out those words is the establishment of a future. She. Is. The. One.  I want to say it.  Always. Because she is an angelic presence like no other. 

I Think I Love You (I Think I Love You)

It's the elevation of certainty: you care more about her than you do about yourself.   Because she is generous. She is gracious.  She is quintessence. She inspires your dedication to the truth and the light.  I love you is everything. 

This Morning I Woke Up With This Feeling

This feeling is sustained.  To be with you.  It's a celebration of your heart and your mind. It is emancipation from loneliness.  It is to wake up with the confirmation that life is beautiful. 

I Didn't Know How To Deal With

I didn't know how to deal with the sudden interruption of my life.  I didn't know how to deal with your ascension. I didn't know how to deal with the life-altering consequences of you.  

And So I Just Decided To Myself I'd Hide It To Myself And Never Talk About It

I never talk about it because love is sometimes a confrontation.  Love is the expectation that she lives in the same elation. The same jubilation. The same exultation. There exists the possibility it is not true. 

And Didn't I Go And Shout It When You Walked Into The Room

When you walked into the room it is the validation of fate.  That we are together. And I hope forever.  You walk with an elegance and confidence.  You walk where attention is affixed upon you. It is unforgettable. 

I Think I Love You (I Think I Love You)

It is those small things.  When your e-mail appears.  When I hear your voice on the phone.  When I know you arrive. When your Valentino Valentina is upon me.

I Think I Love You So What Am I So Afraid Of 

The ending. If there is an ending. And it is a new life without you.  Without the certainty of your magnetic presence. Without the constant reaffirmation of A Blue Valentine: On Everything That She Looks At / Such As A Wall / Or The Moon / Or My Heart. 

I'm Afraid That I'm Not Sure Of A Love There Is No Cure For

Fear accompanies love.  It is inevitable.  As the expectation for emotional pain is natural.  The heart innocently pursues and it can break into little pieces. 

I Think I Love You Isn't That What Life Is Made Of

Yes.  Always.  Life is for love.  There is no word that elevates life.  Its initial embrace is uncertain and unbalanced.  It is a risk.   For your livelihood. For your future.  For your emotional stability. And than life is suddenly made certain and balanced.    

Though It Worries Me To Say That I Never Felt This Way

Never is a frightening countenance. It is the permanent obstruction of a goal.  Personal or professional. Yet never is conquerable. Never is susceptible to the perseverance of the heart and mind.  

I Don't Know What I'm Up Against

I don't know is productive to admit.  It is a liberation from arrogance and conceit.  It is the satisfaction that there is no answer.  I don't know is the first stage of knowledge.  

I Don't Know What It's All About

I don't know if it's all about betrayal.  I don't know if it's all about lies.  I don't know if it's all about manipulation.  I don't know if its all about unfaithfulness.  Good.  Because I don't want to know.  I don't allow that suspicion to control the present with her.

I Got So Much To Think About

This is now the decision. The paramount decision. The decision that makes your career secondary. 


I Think I Love You So What Am I So Afraid Of

Marriage. Children.  In-laws. Sickness. Death.  

I'm Afraid That I'm Not Sure Of A Love There Is No Cure For 

Love has a cure: Time.  Either time validates it or exhausts it. Time does not discriminate.  Time does not isolate.  Time controls the connection between a man and a woman.   Time renders the judgement. 

I Think I Love You Isn't That What Life Is Made Of

It is only three words.  It is three unrivaled words.  It is the three words when spoken to her for the first time can determine the rest of your life in an everlasting kiss. 

Though It Worries Me To Say I Never Felt This Way

You say it.  You tell her. And the worry collapses. Permanently.  You are authentic.

Believe Me You Really Don't Have To Worry

It's a worry about the consequences.  Of that language.  Of that fidelity. Of that power. Of that triumph.  

I Only Want To Make You Happy And If You Say "Hey Go Away" I Will

I will. Shattered.  But still willing to seek that feeling and that peace and that elation.  Again. And again. And again. And again. 

But I Think Better Still I Better Stay Around And Love You

To stay.  In your transcendence. 

Do You Think I Have A Case Let Me Ask You To You Face


Do You Think You Love Me?


I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You 
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You

Freedom Lies In Being Bold -- Robert Frost

On Service

by Chris Chichester on 11/14/17

"Duty, Honor, Country . . . they give you a temperate will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a freshness of the deep springs of life, a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, an appetite for adventure over love of ease. They create in your heart the sense of wonder, the unfailing hope of what next and the joy and inspiration of life."  -- General Douglas MacArthur, Address To Corps of Cadets, West Point, May 12, 1962
On June 18, 1985 I enlisted in the United States Army at Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn. I was 19. This is a life-changing decision that continues its influence 30+ years later.  I did not understand the ramifications at such a young age. I do now. On Veterans Day I am one of 21.8 million. As a member of the 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

I enlisted for two reasons.
First, the Army offered the Montgomery G.I. Bill at $10,800.  To qualify a soldier forfeits $100 per month for the first twelve months of service.  Second, my contract required the Army to retire $4,000 in student loans.  I wasn't motivated by Fields of Fire or Jon Voight in Coming Home or a determination to conquer the Soviet Union AKA The Evil Empire.  I was motivated by self-preservation. 
At 5:00 a.m. on August 28, 1985 I flew from LaGuardia Airport to El Paso Airport in El Paso, Texas. For the first day of Basic Training at Ft. Bliss.  It is uneventful. The second day is unforgettable.  I exited the bus in front of the three barracks with 200+ other recruits.  The drill sergeants descended on us. It is 30 minutes of Full Metal Jacket taunts, insults and threats.
A drill instructor screams in your face to test if you can tolerate the intimidation.  To determine if you possess the character and will.  During this ferocious introduction to Basic Training one D.I. is nose-to-nose with a recruit next to me.  In a profane display he screamed:  Did you brush your teeth today? What is wrong with your teeth? Why does your breathe smell? I watched this abuse with alarm and fear.

This psychotic drill instructor is relieved of his duties during the second month. His brilliant advice to us at the beginning of basic training is: Lie, cheat, steal, privates, do whatever it fucking takes.  I heard those nine words every day and I concluded it is ludicrous and fraudulent language. But one impressionable soldier-dunce embraced it.  By cheating on the hand grenade qualification.

dishonorable soldier is the exception.  Every large institution is subject to the high art detailed by Lawrence J. Peter.  The U.S. Army is not a perfect assemblage of humanity.  The Uniform Code of Military Justice dispenses the reward for those in violation of its tenets.  I witnessed its righteousness as the recorder at courts-martial. This proceeding is a brutal examination/accusation.
From August 28, 1985 to May 27, 1988 the U.S. Army is an unrelenting challenge to excel. To exceed expectations -- and those of your superiors. To represent the division with a character and discipline that animates the oath. To discover honor.  To embrace order.  To rely on friendship to overcome doubt. To understand the truth.

to seek the truth. How to identify the truth. How to pursue the truth. How to do everything humanly possible to elevate the truth. The truth is a liberating force that has no equal and no superior.

roommate is Anthony O'Neil of Redlands, California. The Army brings you together when you are first 3,000 miles apart. A.O. worked in S-2 or intelligence.  Before the fall of the Soviet Union it is our intelligence apparatus that deters this super state of surveillance and tyranny from global domination.

It is a bunk-bed arrangement in our room. The last time I slept on a bunk bed it is with my brother Stephen. I was 8.  The military bed is not discarded every morning.  You must make your bed with hospital corners.  I better fold these hospital corners correct or it's my ass for a surprise inspection.

Military service invades  your life.  When I was a PFC I relaxed in my room on a Saturday afternoon.  Knock! Knock! Knock!   After I opened the door an NCO ordered me into uniform for guard duty.  I'm driven to the flight line.  For the next eight hours I sat at a wooden shack in front of a airplane hanger.  There is not a single living organism within a mile of me.  I'm thinking:  This is absurd.  It is a lesson.  Don't allow the things you can't control to influence your confidence and determination.

Three times
a week at 3:30 p.m. there is a formation for PT or physical training.  It begins with  push-ups and sit-ups and concludes with a two-mile run.  Fortunately, this is the least challenging requirement of Army life.  As I ran on the cross country team in high school and SUNY.

The t
wo-mile run is an invitation to identify the weak.  If a soldier falls out of a little two-mile run, than what is to prevent this soldier from falling-out in combat?  I have doubts about holding an automatic weapon next to a soldier incapable of a fifteen minute physical exertion.  The physical demands the Army presents hold the weak accountable.  

Before August 28, 1985 there is zero comprehension for the value of leadership.  After May 27, 1988 the paramount status of leadership and its decision-making structure is continuous.  A true leader identifies the strength of an institution and the weakness of an objective.  It is a balance that requires the constant evaluation of facts and circumstances.

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is the Band of Brothers.  It is the embodiment of readiness from June 6, 1944 to November 14, 2017. It is a commitment to the United States Constitution's perfect explication of freedom. It is forever dedicated to the soldier as America's representative in the joy and inspiration of life. 


Freedom Lies In Being Bold -- Robert Frost

N.F.L., R.I.P.

by Chris Chichester on 11/12/17

The NFL must impose an automatic one-game suspension for a political protest on the sideline such as kneeling for The National Anthem. These felons and degenerates believe exiting the tunnel commences political speech. If I want to listen to political speech I'll turn on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN or C-SPAN.

I don't require a gratuitous lecture from uneducated militants responsible for a massive arrest database.  It features 330 pound Michael Bowie of the New York Giants. On August 18, 2017 he is arrested for "domestic assault and battery, grabbing girlfriend by the neck and throwing her to the ground in Tulsa."  According to ESPN: "It then became physical when she made a remark about his mother." What a prize.

The NFL must fine and suspend every player convicted of a crime. Misdemeanor and felony. How is Adam Jones a Cincinnati Bengal given his disgusting prior arrests? Jones is arrested at least nine times since 2005. I could not determine the precise accurate number. Because his degeneracy is a constant spectacle.

From "Adam Jones' Latest Arrest Should Be Final Nail In 'Pac Man' Redemption Lie" by Adi Joseph in The Sporting News on January 3, 2017:

"The cornerback occasionally known as 'Pacman' was arrested Monday night in Cincinnati on multiple charges, police said: assault, disorderly conduct, obstructing official business and harassment with a bodily substance. The last of those is a felony charge, which is nothing new for Jones. He has been arrested at least nine times since being drafted in 2005."

This appalling behavior has escalated during the pathetic tenure of $30 Million-Per-Year Commissioner-Warden Roger Goodell. Given the sideline spectacles and the explosion of aberrant behavior from the players, how does the commissioner-warden maintain support from the owners?

The owners are unrivaled Kool-Aid drinkers obsessed about money alone. Google "USA TODAY Player Arrests Database" and this link emerges.   It is an disgusting roll call. The chronicle of offenses is also found from inmates in our Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York.

$30 Million-Per-Year Commissioner-Warden Goodell displays the gall to demand $49.5 million per year despite gratuitous sideline spectacles and the explosion of aberrant behavior from the players. It is appalling greed. It is stunning arrogance. It is the celebration of incompetence.

The National Football League is on an accelerated path to extinction. Ten years from now it must surprise no one if the epitaph is:

 N.F.L., R.I.P.


Freedom Lies In Being Bold -- Robert Frost