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I Think I Love You

by Chris Chichester on 11/24/17

I'm Thinking And Right In The Middle Of A Good Dream

It's the brilliance of your face. It's the beautiful rhythm of your speech.  It's the radiance of your eyes.  It's the undeniable fact that you are finally here.  

Like All At Once I Wake Up From Something That Keeps Knocking At My Brain 

Those three words are always present.  Those three words are in my mind now that we are together.  Those three words are the joy of life.  With you. 

Before I Go Insane I Hold My Pillow To My Head

My pillow is a destination for those thoughts that sustain the devotion to you.  Every night.  Every time I hold your hand during those final moments before sleep arrives.  It is the unrivaled daily feeling that confirms commitment and happiness. 

And Spring Up In My Bed Screaming Out The Words I Dread

Dread. For the thought about screaming out those words is the establishment of a future. She. Is. The. One.  I want to say it.  Always. Because she is an angelic presence like no other. 

I Think I Love You (I Think I Love You)

It's the elevation of certainty: you care more about her than you do about yourself.   Because she is generous. She is gracious.  She is quintessence. She inspires your dedication to the truth and the light.  I love you is everything. 

This Morning I Woke Up With This Feeling

This feeling is sustained.  To be with you.  It's a celebration of your heart and your mind. It is emancipation from loneliness.  It is to wake up with the confirmation that life is beautiful. 

I Didn't Know How To Deal With

I didn't know how to deal with the sudden interruption of my life.  I didn't know how to deal with your ascension. I didn't know how to deal with the life-altering consequences of you.  

And So I Just Decided To Myself I'd Hide It To Myself And Never Talk About It

I never talk about it because love is sometimes a confrontation.  Love is the expectation that she lives in the same elation. The same jubilation. The same exultation. There exists the possibility it is not true. 

And Didn't I Go And Shout It When You Walked Into The Room

When you walked into the room it is the validation of fate.  That we are together. And I hope forever.  You walk with an elegance and confidence.  You walk where attention is affixed upon you. It is unforgettable. 

I Think I Love You (I Think I Love You)

It is those small things.  When your e-mail appears.  When I hear your voice on the phone.  When I know you arrive. When your Valentino Valentina is upon me.

I Think I Love You So What Am I So Afraid Of 

The ending. If there is an ending. And it is a new life without you.  Without the certainty of your magnetic presence. Without the constant reaffirmation of A Blue Valentine: On Everything That She Looks At / Such As A Wall / Or The Moon / Or My Heart. 

I'm Afraid That I'm Not Sure Of A Love There Is No Cure For

Fear accompanies love.  It is inevitable.  As the expectation for emotional pain is natural.  The heart innocently pursues and it can break into little pieces. 

I Think I Love You Isn't That What Life Is Made Of

Yes.  Always.  Life is for love.  There is no word that elevates life.  Its initial embrace is uncertain and unbalanced.  It is a risk.   For your livelihood. For your future.  For your emotional stability. And than life is suddenly made certain and balanced.    

Though It Worries Me To Say That I Never Felt This Way

Never is a frightening countenance. It is the permanent obstruction of a goal.  Personal or professional. Yet never is conquerable. Never is susceptible to the perseverance of the heart and mind.  

I Don't Know What I'm Up Against

I don't know is productive to admit.  It is a liberation from arrogance and conceit.  It is the satisfaction that there is no answer.  I don't know is the first stage of knowledge.  

I Don't Know What It's All About

I don't know if it's all about betrayal.  I don't know if it's all about lies.  I don't know if it's all about manipulation.  I don't know if its all about unfaithfulness.  Good.  Because I don't want to know.  I don't allow that suspicion to control the present with her.

I Got So Much To Think About

This is now the decision. The paramount decision. The decision that makes your career secondary. 


I Think I Love You So What Am I So Afraid Of

Marriage. Children.  In-laws. Sickness. Death.  

I'm Afraid That I'm Not Sure Of A Love There Is No Cure For 

Love has a cure: Time.  Either time validates it or exhausts it. Time does not discriminate.  Time does not isolate.  Time controls the connection between a man and a woman.   Time renders the judgement. 

I Think I Love You Isn't That What Life Is Made Of

It is only three words.  It is three unrivaled words.  It is the three words when spoken to her for the first time can determine the rest of your life in an everlasting kiss. 

Though It Worries Me To Say I Never Felt This Way

You say it.  You tell her. And the worry collapses. Permanently.  You are authentic.

Believe Me You Really Don't Have To Worry

It's a worry about the consequences.  Of that language.  Of that fidelity. Of that power. Of that triumph.  

I Only Want To Make You Happy And If You Say "Hey Go Away" I Will

I will. Shattered.  But still willing to seek that feeling and that peace and that elation.  Again. And again. And again. And again. 

But I Think Better Still I Better Stay Around And Love You

To stay.  In your transcendence. 

Do You Think I Have A Case Let Me Ask You To You Face


Do You Think You Love Me?


I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You 
I Think I Love You
I Think I Love You

Freedom Lies In Being Bold -- Robert Frost