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In Memoriam: September 11, 2001

by Chris Chichester on 09/12/17

September 11, 2001 is the gravestone for 2,977 innocent human beings killed by a polygamist pedophile terrorist with six wives, 20+ children and a life defined by the language of lunacy.  It includes a warning for one wife that state agents can instruct a dentist to implant a tracking device in her tooth: "We . . . horribly fear the filling you were given." 

Osama bin-Laden is today the blood-drenched representation of fanaticism. To concoct a blueprint for incineration in the workplace is the elevation of evil.  To a status that establishes men in Brooks Brothers and women in Donna Karan New York as enemy combatants.  It is an assault on the Geneva Conventions.

From "Terrorists Have No Geneva Rights" by John Yoo in The Wall Street Journal on May 26, 2004:

"That is because the conflict with al Qaeda is not governed by the Geneva Conventions, which applies only to international conflicts between states that have signed them. Al Qaeda is not a nation state, and its members -- as they demonstrated so horrifically on Sept. 11, 2001 -- violate the very core principle of the laws of war by targeting innocent civilians for destruction."

The craven terrorist targets civilians because he understands each is easier to murder than a solider in uniform equipped with an automatic weapon.  A pilot and a flight attendant in a confined space is especially vulnerable to a knife or other weapon.  The passenger is affixed to a seat certified by airport security as unarmed.  No security is present. On September 11 a fuselage is the new enemy headquarters.

Flight attendant Amy Sweeney is on American Airlines Flight 11:

"Something is wrong. We are in a rapid descent.  We are all over the place . . . I see the water. I see the buildings.  I see buildings.  We are flying low.  We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low.  Oh my God we are way too low."

It is chilling language.  It is final language from the mother of 5-year-old Anna and 4-year-old Jack.  From "A Decade Later, Returning To The Scene Of Something Unfathomable" by Steve Lopez The Los Angeles Times on September 11, 2001:  

"Some of Madeline Amy Sweeney's remains were found in August of 2002."

Some. Eleven months after Flight 11 flies over our capital city of Albany, New York there is no finality for Ms. Sweeney's family.  There is no resolution for the completeness of her life.  It is the reality for the unidentified remains of 1,113 victims.

From "Still Missing: Unidentified Remains Leave A Lingering Void For 9/11 Families" by Jon Schuppe at NBC News on September 5, 2016 about Russell Mercer's stepson Scott Kopytko:

"If you have remains you know that he came back to your family.  You know a place you can stand and talk to him.  But I'm talking to the wind, that's who I'm talking to. There's nothing there."


"Fifteen years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, the remains of 1,113 victims — 40 percent of the 2,753 who died — still have not been identified."

An unidentified remains prior to September 11 is assigned as Jane Doe or John Doe.  For the nameless body that exists.  The attacks re-define unidentified remains.  With a remains a body that no longer exists.

The American Airlines Flight 11 impact zone includes the 100th floor.  SUNY-Binghamton graduate Paul Battaglia is killed.  In 2005 the New York Post reported:

"Today, Taback and Battaglia both have headstones at a cemetery in Staten  Island -- Taback's grave holds his remains, identified more than a year ago, while Battaglia's grave is empty."

From the 9/11 Memorial & Museum site:


The language is from the Latin epic poem Aeneid.  It is a beautiful declaration of human dignity.  As every victim maintains a significance that transcends one day.  Every victim eclipses the inhumanity of Salafi jihadism. Every victim is a reflection of the soul's right to breathe

The World Trade Center is a monumental human achievement when it is dedicated.  It is an architectural triumph and a gleaming invitation to commerce, capitalism and creation. 

From "World Trade Center Is Dedicated In 1973" in the Daily News on April 5, 1973 by Owen Moritz:

"Govs. Rockefeller and Cahill were on hand for the ceremonies that marked the third time in the 20th century that a world's-tallest was dedicated in New York with considerable fanfare.  The first ceremonies came in 1913 when the Woolworth Building was unveiled as the tallest -- the event marked by President Wilson pushing a remote-control button in Washington. The second came in 1931 when the Empire State Building was dedicated."

I was born in New York City.  At Booth Memorial Hospital in Queens.  On July 4, 1965.  It is day divorced from the lunatic fringe that announced its presence at 8:46 a.m. on September 11.  It is a day where the ascendance of John V. Lindsay is in motion as he is elected mayor on November 2.  It is a day where President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Immigration and National Act of 1965 at the Statue of Liberty.    It is a day alien to the atrocity of September 11, 2001.


September 11 arrives in Manhattan because of the abuse of our immigration laws.  From "Workshop Speakers Sound The Call For 'Smart' ID Cards" in the Post-Gazette of Pittsburgh on March 28, 2002:

"'Keep in mind,' noted Robert Thibadeau, director of Carnegie Mellon's Internet Security Laboratory, 'that the 19 terrorists on September 11 were holding 63 state driver's licenses for identification."

To view the despicable thousand-mile stare of Mohammed Atta on his Florida driver's license click here.  From "Driver's License Insecurity" by Janice Kephart on September 4, 2012 at the Center for Immigration Studies:

In sum, there were 30 state-issued IDs among the 19 hijackers:

• 18 driver's licenses/IDs issued from Florida's DMV, five of which were duplicates

• Eight IDs issued from Virginia's DMV, all in August 2001

• Two driver's licenses issued in California to Hazmi and Mihdhar, both watchlisted

Hanjour, the Pentagon pilot, had four state-issued ID, including one each from Arizona and Maryland, and was the only hijacker to take the Virginia driver's license test (he failed)

On September 10, 2001 the terrorist annihilation of our World Trade Center by two commercial airliners is inconceivable.  The inconceivable becomes the inevitable at 8:14 a.m. the next day when the pilot for American Airlines Flight 11 is Mohamed Atta.  Our country is changed forever when he reaches the impact zone of Marsh & McLennan Companies and commences a mass murder unrivaled in human history.


Freedom Lies In Being Bold — Robert Frost