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On The Abuse Of Police Power In Penfield, New York

by Chris Chichester on 12/20/17

The Honorable Eric T. Schneiderman
Rochester Regional Office
RE: Consumer Frauds and Complaints
144 Exchange Boulevard
Rochester, New York  14614

Mr. Attorney General,

My name is Chris Chichester. I live at 26 Sanders Farm Drive in Penfield, New York.  This communication details the appalling abuse of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office by Eliot Roth.  Mr. Roth is the president of Consumer Insights at: 2025 Penfield Road, Suite C, Penfield, New York 14526.

For five years I have walked my shih tzu along a tree-lined corridor next to my house.  For 3,000+ trips. This property travels approximately 50 yards. A parking lot separates my house from Consumer Insights.  

The daily reality for how my dog defecates and urinates on my land is a fact that must never command the fascination of Mr. Roth or his employees. This is a routine daily event.  I, however, now understand I am surrounded by individuals requiring immediate intervention from a professional armed with medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exposure. 

On Monday December 11 I walked my dog. Approximately thirty minutes later a Monroe County sheriff's deputy knocked on my door.  He asked me a series of questions about the care of my dog.  I was in a state of Nineteen Eighty-Four confusion and disbelief as the questions progressed.   I asked the sheriff's deputy the reason for this interrogation. He informed me of a complaint from the business next to my house: Consumer Insights.

That Monday night I knocked on the door for Consumer Insights.  One employee is working.  I told him I wanted to speak to the owner or chief executive of the business. I told this employee I was visited by a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy. I further told him I wanted the owner to clearly understand that I walk my dog on my property.  This employee did not identify himself.  It is Mr. Roth.  He cravenly refused to identify himself as the president of the business despite my clear and concise language.

Today I entered the business at Consumer Insights to clarify to the appropriate individual the fact that I walk my dog on my property.   As I stood near the entrance Mr. Roth was in a meeting with three or four employees.  He immediately approached me and his pathetic demeanor is hysterical. He ordered me to leave Consumer Insights. This is the moment  I discovered: He is the president of Consumer insights. Why did he fail to identify himself as such the previous night? Why did he decide to wallow in craven anonymity? Why did he deceive me?  It is a gratuitous confrontation.   I was in this business for approximately  one minute.

Thirty minutes later two Monroe County Sheriff's deputies are at my front door.  Again. Because Mr. Roth believes our sheriff's office is his personal security detail.  Mr. Roth believes the sheriff's office exists for his disgusting manipulation.  Mr. Roth believes his delusional self-aggrandizement  takes precedence over murderers, rapists and other violent degenerates in our Empire State.   Mr. Roth believes the proper method for resolving a dispute is not courteous communication or conversation.  It is to pick up the phone and deploy a sworn officer of the law to your home.  I am not in violation of a law. Or statute. Or ordinance. Or rule. Or proclamation. Ever. 

am now the focus of attention for law enforcement in living a normal life.  I have never been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime.  I believe in the law and the propagation of a civil society.  Yet today I confront a ludicrous reality where the likes of Eliot Roth refuses to participate in a civil society defined by decency, honesty and character.  He perfectly embodies the refusal of the contemptible  human being to comprehend what James Q. Wilson described as: "The universality of rules of etiquette probably reflects their value as a way of signaling the existence of self control."

Eliot Roth has no self-control.  He is a disgraceful embodiment of the collapse of civility in American life. No American requires "consumer insights" from this character.  His ludicrous e-mail:

we or our security cameras catch you on our property at any time, we will have you arrested for trespassing.  Since you have already been warned the next visit will result in arrest."

adopted my dog from Lollypop Farm Humane Society in 2011.  After a thorough interview about my experience and employment history.  I wanted a dog nobody wanted.  On that day I did not know the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is empowered to descend on my house like I'm a criminal mastermind of Penfield by the lunatic fringe represented by Eliot Roth of Consumer Insights. Mr. Roth is a liar trafficking in the abuse of the police power.  He deserves the attention of your consumer frauds and complaints bureau.

I am reached at 585-678-9291.

Chris Chichester
Proprietor: Excelsior Page
Founder: Empire Page
Penfield, New York