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Y.A. Tittle, R.I.P.

by Chris Chichester on 10/18/17

Yelberton Abraham Tittle, Jr. exemplifies the character, decency and integrity every NFL player muse seek to emulate. He shines. Always.

Tittle never kneeled in disgrace to protest The National Anthem. Tittle never tops a list of 20+ NFL players arrested for domestic violence.  Tittle is never arrested with a .217 BAC for DWI.  Tittle is never ordered by the Nevada Supreme Court to pay $12.7 million for causing a riot in a Las Vegas strip club by throwing money in the air. 

Tittle is never convicted of a disgusting, illegal dog fighting operation.  Tittle is never arrested for violation of an order of protection. Tittle never punched a Pizza delivery driver in the head over a parking space dispute. Tittle is never charged with felony hit-and-run and possession of brass knuckles.

Title never
drove 102 MPH in a 65 zone. Tittle is never sued for failure to make child support payments. Tittle never threw his girlfriend against a bathroom wall and dragged her by her hair onto a futon covered with guns and attempted strangulation.

Tittle never spat in the face of his fiancé and knocked her out with a punch on an elevator. Tittle is never arrested for soliciting a prostitute and two counts of assault. Tittle never fornicated in production of eight children with seven women.

Tittle never twerked in the end zone. Tittle never pretended to defecate in the end zone.  Tittle never signed the football with a Sharpie.  Tittle never spit on an opposing player.

Tittle is a 4-time First-Team All Pro. Tittle is the 1963 NFL Most Valuable Player. Tittle threw for 28,339 yards.  Tittle holds the NFL record for seven touchdown passes in a game. Tittle is the first professional football player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated on November 22, 1954.   Tittle is the helmetless subject of the iconic Morris Berman photograph taken on September 20, 1964 after he suffered a concussion and cracked sternum.  He played that entire 1964 season, which was his last as a member of the New York Giants.

Tittle is a part of the brilliant San Francisco 49ers "Million Dollar Backfield." Tittle led the NFL is passing touchdowns three times. Tittle is the MVP of the 1947 Cotton Bowl Classic. Tittle created the "Alley-oop" pass. At the time of his retirement after the 1964 season Tittle held eight NFL passing records. Tittle's No. 14 is retired by the New York Giants.

"Tittle has the attitude of a high school kid with the brain of a computer." -- Frank Gifford.

Y.A Tittle is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on July 31, 1971 at Canton, Ohio. With the president of the United States in attendance.

Y.A. Tittle, R.I.P.


Freedom Lies In Being Bold — Robert Frost